What are the top 5 most in-demand jobs in 2020?

After graduation, it is said to be that it’s the right and better time to immediately haunt and hook for a job that is in demand or a job that you ever dreamed of. Job seekers are also looking for jobs that they might think they will be highly paid. However, it is so unfortunate that the world was disturbed by the existence of the CoVid 19 pandemic which greatly and vulnerably affected new graduates, job seekers, businesses, and companies. Also, another thing is that companies are also required to implement a work from home policy for the protection, safety, and security of their employees. However, in the worst scenario, some companies have been bankrupted some months ago and are difficult for them to recover, by which as a result, they need to close their company. For some, only 50% of the workforce laborers are required to report to their offices, so the tendency was to remove the other employees because of funds insufficiency and also limiting the face-to-face transactions or physical approach. Many employees lost their job for some months ago.

However, in some countries, as CoVid 19 lockdowns begun to lift, some companies started to re-operate and adapt to the “new normal” which is a good thing that companies opened more job offers for people that are still interested to take it. So there is now the vast demand for job hiring as work resumes immediately. However, for some reason, some job seekers are more interested to start, continue, and pursue work from home basis. In this article, we will discuss what are the top 5 most in-demand jobs in 2020?

Since there are still the ongoing pandemic happenings, frontline roles are the overall most in-demand jobs responding to CoVid 19, this includes the following:

Doctors, Nurses, and other Medical Practitioners
Drivers (ambulance driver, public and private vehicle transportation drivers, food service drivers, retail and delivery service drivers, etc.)
Utility Workers
Armed Forces
Rescue Workers

Aside from that, some jobs are not essential to CoVid response but are truly in-demand for some aspects. These jobs are the following:

Software Developer / Engineer or other computer-related services
Homebased jobs (Freelancing, Graphic Designing, Content Creator, Vlogging, Branding Strategist, Virtual Assistant, etc.)
Jobs related to Sales, Marketing, Advertising and Promotions
Online Tutorial
Online Service and Online Selling (products and service)
Call Center Agent
Supermarket Specialist / Store Associate / Supply Chain Associate
Project Manager
Food Service and Delivery Worker
Technical Worker

Whether jobs posted requires the applicant’s presence to report in their respective office or preferably working from home, the applicant’s decision still matters as to what job he or she is interested to take, where, when it will start, how and of course it should beneficial to both parties (employer and employee/job seeker). Furthermore, there are several jobs and sideline opportunities that are truly in-demand and highly beneficial.

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