Tips for Finding a Summer Job Near You


The Two Ways to Find a Summer Job

The summer is here and though it may be time for fun and games in the sun, you may still have responsibilities that cost money. Getting a summer job can help you with the costs of having fun and also be a good way to gain work experience. Now, you may be wondering, who is going to hire me for a temporary position? Wonder no more, here are some tips to help you with some extra cash and personal/career development. 

1. Offline

You can find a job either online or offline. Let’s start with the basics. Let’s imagine a world without the internet. Wow. How did humanity ever survive? Now, how would humans find employment, or food, or anything? Well, they most likely had to talk to other people. Which is why the number one advice is to ask around.

Network Full Timestaffing_solutions_networking

Networking is not just about meeting new people and adding them on Facebook or LinkedIn. Good Networking involves developing real relationships. I mean, look at your Facebook friends list. How many on there are you comfortable with asking if they know of any job openings. If I had to guess the number would be very small.

So what can you do to network? Talk to people. It’s really simple, but a lot of us don’t do this enough. When was the last time you spoke with 3 strangers in one day? Talk to your neighbors, talk to the local store manager, your hairstylist, or your cashier at the store. Finding a job is at times a numbers game. Opportunities are everywhere and people are happy to share them with those who are interested and enthusiastic.

In addition, visit companies that you are interested working for. Yes, even if they don’t have a job post. Talk to someone in there, make connections and build relationships. In the end it is people who hire people.

2. Online

The internet is here to stay and the opportunities offered on the web grows by the second. There are many sites listing job openings and its important to visit multiple sites because they are not all the same. For example, mainly lists tech jobs and only posts jobs from company websites so you know it’s current.

Visit these Sites for a Job

These sites are filled with possible summer jobs for you. If you follow the link below, offers great reviews of each resource.The key is to keep looking. Good luck!


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