2 Huge Reasons to Use a Staffing Firm – Santa Ana CA

Staffing Solutions in Santa Ana and Montebello CA

Staffing Solutions in Santa Ana and Montebello CA

Reasons to Use Staffing Firms

In business, time is money and money is time. Every company big or small is looking for the best talent to fill important responsibilities. If you are a business owner or company manager you already have a lot on your plate. Time is precious. Finding the right employee takes a ton of time and money, but not only so, according to a survey by BambooHR, one third of new hires quit their jobs within the first 6 months. That means that your resources and time spent on recruiting goes to waste one third of the time. If only there was a way to minimize this risk!

Why Businesses should Partner with a Staffing AgencyReason_to_Partner_with_Staffing_FIrm

1. Save time

Think about the entire hiring process. You post a job offer, collect resumes, review them, schedule interviews, schedule more interviews then you analyze the candidates with your colleagues… In some cases it can take a couple of days to find the right person but more often then not it can take months. This halts your business or distracts you from dealing with more urgent matters. Partnering with a staffing agency can save you all that time. Staffing firms have access to hundreds of candidates in a variety of industries and they have a system where they screen a pool of staff to ensure you have the right person to fit your position. They have this down to a science so you don’t have to spend your precious time doing it.


2. Save Money

While you’re looking to fill a position that vacancy is costing you money with overtime pay or missed business opportunities. Now add in the cost for screening recruits and interviewing and your costs have quickly increase. Another way staffing agencies save you money is that they take on most of the responsibilities of the new recruit. They pay the employee, pay and withhold payroll taxes, provide worker’s compensation, provide benefits and pension plans, and ensure civil rights compliance 

Make sure to find the right staffing agency to match your needs. Here at Staffing Solutions our executive staff members in Santa Ana and Montebello have over twenty years of experience leading the industry’s premier staffing organizations. See how Staffing Solutions can support your needs in a variety of different areas and specialties. 

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