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Does a Staffing Agency Do Screening Faster than Your HR Department?

So, you need to fill up vacant roles in your company fast, but you’re uncertain whether outsourcing the recruitment process is the right idea. Most business owners choose not to spend extra on hiring a staffing agency to find suitable candidates, while others feel that hiring is such an important task to entrust to another organization. However, what most companies fail to see is that outsourcing is an investment that pays off quickly and efficiently.

Just in the screening process alone, a staffing agency can outperform the company’s in-house HR department or management team in terms of speed and accuracy of screening. Here’s why:


  1. Staffing agencies have a wider network.


With a far-reaching network, staffing agencies can tap into talent pools that are generally unknown or inaccessible to most companies. Having a wide network saves the company time in searching for the right candidates for a role.


  1. Staffing agencies are better equipped for screening.


With personality tests, assessment methods, psychological tests, and competency tests at the ready, staffing agencies have the tools and techniques to filter the right candidates from those who are less serious or less fit for the job.


  1. Staffing agencies have a reserve list.


Since staffing agencies search, recruit, and interview for various industries, roles, sectors, and companies, they always have a reserve list of competent candidates that they have screened and interviewed previously. The reserve list includes high-value candidates who just missed out on previous vacancies for various reasons. By tapping into a reserve list, you can save a lot of time searching and screening for the right candidate for a role.


  1. Staffing agency recruiters are focused and specialized in screening.


HR departments deal with various processes of the business including conflict resolution, payroll, employee management, onboarding, training, and other administrative work. They are inundated with tasks that screening applicants can take a long time. Staffing agencies are more focused on the job of recruitment and specialized in screening, so the task will be completed a lot faster.


If you’re still debating whether to fill roles using your HR department or hiring a staffing agency, consider how urgent the matter is. If you’re not rushing, then you can rely on your HR department to do the job. However, for most businesses, time is of the essence. The longer you leave positions empty, the more the business suffers. If that’s the case for you, consider hiring Staffing Solutions for your excellent and prompt recruitment and screening services.

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