How to get hired in 2021 using your network?

The year 2020 has been complicated for many people, we all hope that the year 2021 will be better and for some, it also means a new job, but how to be well prepared? The way people conduct interviews have changed completely and so preparing for these interviews is not exactly the same, for some people it is easier for others it is more complicated. Either way, the sinews of the day remain the same, preparation. In this article, we will see together how to get hired in 2021 by giving you some tips to help you.


1 / Use your network

If using your network is not new, but the way to contact it is. It is no longer possible to develop your network in conventions or other face-to-face meetings where it was possible to go to a person like before the pandemic. Now it’s all online and the ways to reach the people you want are very different. Above all, you have to be in the places where the people who could help you are.


2 / The example of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a good example of a site to develop your network. The site is all about work, so people expect to find content related to what they do. To gain visibility, it is possible to reply to posts or even reply private messages to answer their questions. This will show your expertise in your field and build relationships with the people you are targeting. Discussions can be more personal and therefore you will better understand the company where the person works. Remember to put hashtags at the end of posts or in your reply itself to make it easier to find. Similar to writing posts on your page, subscribing to pages specifically dedicated to your area of ​​work is very useful for quickly finding people in your specific area, which will save you a lot of time.


3 / Be patient

Unfortunately not all the people you talk to will have a job for you, but you will still have to keep going to build your “brand” and show your expertise over time. Finding a job with your network is a bit long at first, but you may find opportunities that are not always available on the internet.

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