How to work with a team working from home?

There is a need today for many to work from home, whether because of covid or because it is now easier to find a job and work from anywhere with a simple computer, but finding a job or employing someone is not everything, you also need to be able to work in a team remotely, which can sometimes be complicated for some people. In this article, we will see what solutions exist to work more effectively as a team while being at home.


Establish a schedule of tasks to be accomplished

Working from home can be a challenge for some people, especially those who need more supervision. To help all members of your team to be able to work efficiently it is useful to establish a schedule of objectives for each, for the day and for the week. Making 5-minute morning calls every day with your team members can go a long way in motivating them and also it can be an opportunity to find out if a particular task will be problematic. Daily calls are also a good way to strengthen the human bond between the members of your team and show them that you are listening to them.


Promote the use of tools to share documents

If emails are very useful for sharing certain documents with a specific person, emails can very quickly be a waste of time if you communicate with several people at the same time for several tasks, or if you do not constantly sort the emails. It’s easier to use different tools and have your team use them too. So you can use Google Drive or Dropbox to share documents, use instant messaging for information that you don’t need to constantly search for, use Microsoft’s Todo to set everyone’s goals in real-time, and see if that’s up to date.


Encourage communication between members

Working alone can be complicated, and it affects each of your people differently. While for some there will be no problem raising a problem, for others it will be more complicated and they may be afraid to ask. To avoid these problems you will need to communicate well with each one of them and ask during your daily call if everything is going well, if there is no unforeseen difficulty in doing the work, you can even invite your colleagues to share their experience and tips to help one another. To do this, it is very useful to have a common chat with the members of your team to exchange faster and a private chat if only one member of your team can solve the problem. Once again, you have to focus on the human side so that your team is as effective as possible.

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