How to work efficiently at home?

Sometimes working at home becomes a necessity for some people because of COVID or because of unemployment you have decided to be self-employed and work from your computer at home. But it has totally changed your habits and you realize that you are not as productive as before. So the question arises, how to work efficiently at home? In this article, we’ll take a look at some simple steps to get you working better and more efficiently from your home.


1 / Set working hours

Working in an office has its perks, you know you have to be in the office at a certain time and prepare yourself accordingly. However, when you are at home you can tell yourself that you have time because there is no to make the commute, or that you can eat your breakfast at the same time as you work and you push back the time when you start working, but you realize that you are not more efficient and you pile up just lately, so you eat quickly at noon or you work later at night. To solve this problem, having a little discipline in your work hours can make you more efficient and thus save time for your family or your hobbies.


2 / Be away from distractions

Whether it’s your pets, children, or other family members, there are many opportunities to be interrupted while working. Even if you are all alone at home, you may be disturbed by a message or a call that may delay your work or break your pace. The best solution is to log out of social media and mute your phone if you know you’re not getting a call from work, otherwise vibrate mode will be fine.


3 / Take breaks from social networks and relax

To work efficiently you will also need time off. Having time in your diary to rest between tasks can be very beneficial for you and your efficiency. A 15/20 minute break every 2 hours is good to rest without spending too much time there. When you start your break, watch the time carefully so as not to exceed your time.


4 / Keep a workspace just for work

It will be easier for you to work in an environment that seems totally dedicated to working so that you are the most efficient. Having a dedicated space for what you do that is clearly different from the rest of your home will help you work more efficiently. To create that office atmosphere you can make your workspace soberer, or similar to the place you work in, it will be up to you. Some may even recommend dressing as if you were going to work. In a lot of cases people wear everyday clothes, but if you are a salesperson and you dress “business casual” can help you be more efficient don’t hesitate, and if you haven’t tried yet, give a try with this method does not cost much.

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