5 ways to get a job as a young person

As a young graduate, or even if you have not completed higher education, looking for a first job can be complicated, but there is no secret, you have to be patient and multiply the ways to find the position that will suit you. It may take some time because there is no silver bullet, but this article could give you ideas that you may have not dug enough. In this article, we will discuss six ways on how to get a job as a young person?


1 / Register on recruitment sites


Nowadays, there’s an easy way and yet convenient thing to do when looking for a job. One of which is to register an account in multiple job board sites. Creating and registering an account in multiple job board sites will give you a high chance to have multiple job options that will suit you and be called for an interview if an employer is interested in your application.


Some sites may connect directly to your LinkedIn account to upload your resume, so you don’t have to re-enter your information. There are a lot of recruiting sites out there, and some are more specialized in a certain type of work, so don’t stop at the more well-known sites and try to look for sites that are more specialized in what you want, you will probably have better luck because the competition will be less important.


2 / Contact companies directly


Companies sometimes post their vacancies just before they need someone. This “just in time” technique does not allow to have candidates ready, months in advance and that puts a lot of stress on the company. So if you contact the company asking if they will need your profile soon tell them that you are available when the position will become available, it is worth the chance to call to see if a spot will be available for you.


3 / Check the alumni network of your school


Your university often has a school alumni directory. Although sometimes there is a charge in subscribing to the school’s alumni directory, it will be fine as you will have access for you to find the contact information and sometimes the companies in which these people work. If, for example, you have studied communication you can search for people who have studied the same field as you and ask if a position is available for you.


4 / Contact recruitment agencies


You can also contact recruitment agencies directly to find out more about the positions they offer and if they are interested in your resume. Recruitment agencies have every interest in trying to find a position for you because they are sure that your profile is looking for a job. Contact us for more information and we will do our best to find you a job, and if you are into business, come and check our resume list to find the best candidate for you.


5 / Start your own business


After your studies, you can also try to start your business. While it is safer to start a business when you already have a small income, there is nothing stopping you from starting your business early on. You can start your business with someone you know, go to Facebook, LinkedIn, or MeetUp pages to find your future partner. You can also start your business on your own. Keep in mind that starting a business doesn’t necessarily mean creating the new Facebook or SpaceX, it could be you as a freelancer offering your skills or opening a small garage to repair motorcycles, bicycles, and so on.


6 / Ask your family, friends, and acquaintances if they have connections


Sometimes companies do not post offers directly and try to find ways to get a candidate faster by co-opting (i.e. asking employees if they know someone for the position in question). This technique is quite popular because the company relies on the professionalism of its employees to provide them with a person who will work well. To do this, ask people you know to contact the Human Resources recruitment service so that they can see your resume.


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