Almost all people around the world are affected by the CoVid 19 Pandemic issue. The official announcement of total lockdown and community quarantine was released and strictly implemented in different countries. With this implementation, people started to struggle more in terms of food production and distribution, money, financial assistance, shortage in hygienic and medical supplies, and even affected the daily transportation and livelihood of each individual. Some business establishments were also forced to close for safety purposes. Only those businesses or commercial establishments supplying and delivering food and medical supplies are allowed to operate. However, this may eventually pull down the economic growth and progress of a business and even a country.


In terms of safety and health security of each individual, governments required hospitals to continue their operation by closely monitoring the patients and enhancing their strategies to eliminate CoVid. CoVid positives were strictly isolated from ordinary/regular patients. PUIs and PUMs are also under enhanced monitoring and strictly forced to obey the government by staying at home under quarantine. The same policy was also observed and obeyed by the residents. Of course, they are afraid to be infected with the virus so better to stay inside.

In terms of continuous work productivity and safety, most companies also initiated to implement a work from home policy for their employees before the official announcement of total lockdown and community quarantine. So some employees had the time to prepare for it. Companies allowed their employees to bring their official laptops or desktops from office to their respective homes along with their portable wifi to continue their work and be able to reach the work deadlines. So now, for some people, it may be advantageous, and for some, it maybe not.


Here are some of the possible advantages of work from home:

– No more walk-ins
– No long hours of waiting while stuck in heavy traffic
– No more actual physical exposure
– No more hassle of transferring or transporting from one place to another
– No more carrying of heavy paper works (more purely done online scanning and submission)
– Work freely
– More time for yourself and your family
– More time to exercise and eat at your desired time
– More extra time to do household chores
– Be virtually active


On the other hand, the disadvantages are the following:

– Loaded with pending works
– No personal/official laptop or desktop to work with, just purely relying on mobile phone usage
– No internet connection, internet disruption or poor internet connection may make you feel annoyed while you’re chasing the deadline
– Need to be always updated with your social media accounts to get the latest updates and official announcements from your Boss or co-workers
– If you do not have a personal and proper exclusivity of the working area, you may be bothered with different interruptions and distractions around you especially when there is a kid playing or yelling and pets making noises everywhere
– Overly exposed to gadgets (especially if you’re into social media or gaming – you tend to forget that you have a pending official work to do or deadlines)
– Abusing the opportunity of work from home (such as making you feel lazy to work because you are way too confident that you have the time to do so)
– Less knowledge in internet browsing and gadget operating
– Cancellation of appointments especially those that require physical meetups and interactions
– Suspension of important activities such as licensure examinations, job interviews and so on
– Well just a piece of advice, you have to learn how to balance it to be productive and much better to obey the authorities to avoid trouble.

Since we previously discussed work from home, now, I’ll give you some tips on how to ace your virtual interview.


For Job Seekers for your job applications:


Prepare yourself to convince them that you fit in that job position

After submitting your cover letter, resume, portfolios to your prospective company or employer just to convince them to hire you, the next thing to do is to wait for them to fully review your documents. While still waiting, you need to prepare yourself for the possible call such as a screening or initial exam or interview. Don’t put so much stress and pressure on yourself. Just relax and think of the reasons why you fit in that position you’re applying for and why they should choose you.

Pray first

Prayer is also a powerful tool to save you. As much as possible, do not forget to pray and thank God and the employer for the opportunity to be called for an interview.

Jot down important notes before the interview

Jotting or writing down important notes is also a great way of avoiding mental block and at the same time helps you to recall important details such as knowing the background of the company, position you’re applying for, reasons why you’re a good fit, questions that may ask you and so to have more information to share with if necessarily asked. It’s better to be knowledgeable than to know nothing. (BUT on the other side, also don’t forget this rule: Less talk, less mistake). Also, you can list down the Do’s and Don’t’s in an interview.

Prepare all the materials and tools you will need during the interview

If it’s a virtual interview (because of CoVid issues), better to be prepared ahead of time. Check your equipment, tools and other materials you will need such as your computer if it’s working, your internet connection if it’s strong and has a stable connection to avoid trouble and disruptions.

Make sure that there is no interruptions and distractions around you during the interview

This is the common mistake of having online interviews – interruptions, and distractions. If you have a family member or a neighbor that will possibly interrupt you, as much as possible, try to advise or warn them to not do any noise or appearances when you will be having an interview. If you have a pet around, try to put your pet away from your interview area even for a short period. Clean your work area to give you a good ambiance and attracting positive vibes.



Dress up properly, appropriately and accordingly

Since this is a formal interview for your job, make sure that you have a good presence and aura by dressing up properly, appropriately and accordingly to represent yourself, your personality, your confidence, good impression, and your interest in getting hired. As much as possible, avoid wearing too much tight clothes that you could hardly breathe, too much exposing your body, and too much loosen up clothes. Remember, you’re not hooking up for a party, but you’re hooking up the best job for you. Just an average, good fit and presentable clothes to wear.

Be there ahead of time of your interview

Much better if you are prepared and present before the start of your interview. Don’t let your interviewer wait for you to appear. They have many important things to do than waiting. You might lose the job opportunity when you let them wait because you’re not prepared and not yet present.

Always wear your smile and confidence

A good smile represents a pleasing personality, good manners, and deserves respect. So always wear a smile and confidence to ease your nerves and spread positive vibes. Even if you’re not knowledgeable enough, but you’re eagerly confident to convince your employer, you might still have the chance to be chosen among others.

Do not stress yourself, pressure, or overthink

As much as possible, control your fear and nervousness, don’t show them unnecessary signs of being stressed, pressured, and never overthink. Just stay positive, calm and relax. You will surpass it with a positive result. Believe in yourself.

Carefully listen and speak up when necessary and answer them honestly

Properly and carefully listening to your prospective employer will give you insights into what you should know more and what you should establish with them. Speak up honestly and when you’re required to do so or if you have some clarifications, confusion, and so on. Never argue with your interviewer. Let your interviewer speak, and you listen. Let your interviewer finish on what he/she is trying to say before you speak to avoid misunderstanding, misleading and you will have the time to speak and ask afterward.

Establish a harmonious relationship with your interviewer

You can build and establish a harmonious relationship with your interviewer employing a polite answer, mindful and careful answering and spreading positive vibes.

Show your interest in the subject matter

When you’re given the chance to speak up, then passionately speak up to show them that you’re interested in the subject matter.

Avoid saying unnecessary and vulgar words

As much as possible, even if you were told negative ideas or results by your interviewer, please control your emotions and avoid saying unnecessary things and vulgar words. You never know, they are also testing your patience and personality.

Jot down important details

Just to have something as your reference, jot down important details especially contact details, informational ideas, and so on.

Clarify your confusions

If you didn’t understand something from the interview, grab the opportunity to ask them to clarify your confusions and be answered. But do it afterward. Just prepare your questions and clarifications. Do not interrupt at the beginning nor in the middle of the interview especially when you’re not told to do so.

Avoid showing your mannerisms and unnecessary habits

Control yourself from showing your mannerisms and unnecessary habits. Your interviewer will think that there’s something wrong with you.



Thank your interviewer

Always show your appreciation and thanks for being allowed to be interviewed. This is a well deserve respect after.

Keep it confidential

Do not spoil to others what was told to you by your interviewer especially the negative ones. Keep all the information be confidential. What was told should be kept and only retained to you.

Again, pray for successfully passing your interview

Do not forget to follow up on your result

After successfully surpassing your interview, it will be better if you will follow up on the result of your interview, and once you passed it, prepare your concrete plan of what to do next.


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