Top 10 Jobs in Santa Ana With No Experience

If you’ve just arrived in Santa Ana and you need a job fast, or you’re looking for a break from your usual career, there are positions available which require little to no experience.


And contrary to popular belief, quite a few positions enjoy pay rates that are quite decent. Here are the top 10 jobs in Santa Ana you can go for even though you may have no experience.


  1. Delivery Drivers

If you have your driver’s license, then you immediately qualify. Delivery drivers enjoy great flexibility in work hours, and if you prove yourself out in the field, they can be a stepping stone to a higher-paying position.


  1. General Laborers

If you are passing through town and need seasonal or part-time work, then there are always general laborer jobs going in Santa Ana. Being a laborer usually requires you are physically fit and can follow instructions, but other than that you are good to go.


  1. Order Packers

Order packers are in high demand around the Santa Ana area, and the pay is pretty good as well. You may need to know how to use an RF scanner and be flexible in your availability.


  1. Warehouse Worker

If you’re mechanically minded and know your way around hand tools, then you will make an excellent candidate as a warehouse worker.  Warehouse workers are usually expected to make an early start, but the good news is you get the afternoons to yourself.


  1. Order Processor

You will need a firm grasp of English, and Spanish will be a plus when you’re looking for order processor work around Santa Ana. You should also know your way around a computer and email software and be willing to learn. If you have those qualities, then you stand a good chance at scoring a job as an order processor.


  1. Bartending

You won’t require a formal education when applying for a bartending job, but be prepared for late hours, plenty of night shifts, and rowdy customers.


  1. School Bus Driver

If you’re gifted with the patience of a saint, then school bus driving may be an option for you. You won’t need a college education, but you will need to go through training to get your license and have a clean driving and criminal record.


  1. Customer Service

If you enjoy talking to people and have excellent communication skills, then you could look into being a customer service representative. You may need to undertake a brief training course, but after that, it will be all on-the-job training.


  1. Home Care

Do you enjoy caring for others? If you do, then there are positions for Santa Ana home care workers which you will find incredibly fulfilling. You will likely need a driver’s license, and some positions may require home aide certification, which you can achieve on the job.


  1. Quality Inspector

Quality inspectors need an eye for detail and an ability to problem-solve. Other traits companies will find desirable include great people skills and manual dexterity with tools and equipment. Other than that, many positions will provide all the training you need.


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