How to prepare your resume for a interview?

If you’ve been sending your resume out to every job opportunity you can find around Montebello, Los Angeles, and Santa Ana, CA, and are wondering why your phone isn’t ringing hot with job prospects, it may be time to revisit your resume. Here’s how to prepare your resume for an interview.


  1. Don’t Make any Mistakes


Mistakes are the first thing a recruiter will scan for in every resume that crosses their desk. You can have all the qualifications under the sun, but if your resume has any typos or grammatical errors, it will quickly get scrapped.


You have plenty of time to get your resume perfect, and mistakes are inexcusable. Have three or four of your friends go over your resume to check it for errors. A professional proof-reader is also highly recommended.


  1. Keep Summaries Short and on Point


Recruiters are busy people, and they need you to get to the point right away. If you confront your recruiter with a rambling wall of prose describing in detail why you are a result driven team player who is also a self-starter, then they most likely won’t read much beyond the first line.


Format your skillsets and experience into bullet points, starting with your most recent achievements or your most relevant qualifications first.


  1. Trim it Down to One Page


You may think that one page is not enough room for summing up your work life, but recruiters believe otherwise. Big companies repeatedly state that resumes longer than one page most often end up in the recycle bin.


Your future prospective employer is looking for candidates with a specific set of skills. Trim down your resume, so only your most relevant skills are listed.


If they don’t need to know that you manned a checkout during college, or stuffed catalogs into letterboxes as a teenager for pocket money, then don’t put them in.


You may need to shrink your margins and decrease your font (while keeping it legible of course), but it will be worth your effort to make the recruiter’s job easier.




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