The Best Character Traits in a Leader

Effective leaders spearhead successful companies, running a company with vision and daring, and navigating it around all obstacles which spring up on its path to growth and profit. Leaders must have intuition and instinctively know when it’s time to take advantage of opportunities and lead the company to its goals.


Success leaders are more than just bosses or managers; they are the captains of industry who have managed to incorporate just the right amount of enthusiasm, charisma, and self-confidence to inspire and motivate a company and its staff to greater heights.


While you may believe that the people who possess superior leadership ability are naturally gifted, the truth is that many of us have the potential to be great leaders – all it takes is the willingness to develop and hone the necessary traits. Here are five traits you can sharpen to improve your ability to lead.


  1. Leaders are Decisive


Leaders should have the ability to know when to make a move and when to hold back. Decisions should be made from a strong foundation of research and sound thinking, but once the decision is made a strong leader needs to have the courage and confidence to stand by it.


  1. Leaders Make Use of Effective Communication


Communication is a two-way street, which is why strong leaders know when to speak up and when to stop and listen. When they do talk, they don’t waste their words but use their excellent communication abilities to explain what needs to be done clearly. If subordinates are unable to understand what is required of them, then the entire company could suffer.


Communications skills at all levels are needed; from one-on-one conversations to talks that cover a single department or the entire staff complement. Effective communication ensures information and ideas are successfully exchanged, whether that be by social media, email, phone, or video chat. Great leaders strive to be approachable by all people, whichever level of the company they occupy.


  1. Leaders Use Accountability


Power and authority should be carefully managed to ensure employees know that their leader will hold themselves accountable for the mistakes they make. In turn, a leader should expect their subordinates to do the same. Work within the parameters set by the organization and strive always to be productive and make sensible decisions.


  1. Leaders Set and Move Towards Goals


Clear goals provide a path for the company to follow, but a leader should put their enthusiasm and drive for reaching the goal on display. Radiating passion and excitement about what the company is trying to achieve will resonate with all staff, which will bring them together and working towards a common goal.


  1. Leaders are Visionaries


Becoming a visionary and developing a positive attitude will open the way to developing a strategy for growth.  Every goal will have its obstacles that will need to be navigated around and problems which will need to be solved. A clear vision for the future will imbue a strong leader with the ability to stay true to the path while avoiding every distraction along the way.


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