How to Have Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace

Effective communication is a valuable workplace skill. It is a very valuable skill to businesses because it allows for more productive outcomes. Therefore, business owners and their employees must learn how to communicate effectively if they really want to drive business growth.

Basically, there are three main modes of communication in workplaces. These are verbal, non-verbal and written modes of communication. The three communication modes are very important for effective workplace collaboration and teamwork. Thus, if you can master these three modes, then you have gained the art of good communication. This will help you to be more effective at communicating your roles to others and be able to work amicably with people in your work environment. Of course, employees will experience an increase in morale, productivity as well as commitment to their jobs if there is effective communication up and down the organization chain.

If you want to communicate better, more effectively, and efficiently in your workplace, here are 7 ways you can improve your communication skills.

  1. Speak Clearly

When communicating in an office environment, try not to beat around the bush. Make sure your points are clearly conveyed and your message can be understood easily. Avoid the use of acronyms.

  1. Listen Actively

Active listening is part of effective communication. It is only when you understood the message being conveyed to you that your response can be appropriate and matching.

  1. Repeat to Be Sure

In case you’re in doubt, you can paraphrase and repeat what is being said as prove that you’ve heard and understood the conversation. This also shows that you care about what is being said.

  1. Make Use of Body Language

Gestures and facial expressions are parts of communication. In fact, efficient uses of these non-verbal cues can make your communication effective and devoid of confusion.

  1. Show Respect

During communications, it is important to be respectful by paying attention to the issues of discourse. Discuss professionally by making eye contact and using people’s name. Avoid playing with your phone or multi-tasking while communicating.

  1. Write or Text Smartly

Whether you’re communicating via email or text messages, ensure your writings are understandable and without any misinformation. Know when to use emails and when to use text messages in your communications.

  1. Keep It Positive

No matter how challenging or fraught a conversation turned out to be, always stay positive and professional in your communications.

The bottom line is any of the communicating channels can make effective communications. So whether it’s verbal, non-verbal, or written, you must know which mode is the most appropriate for your communication at any given time so you can make the right impacts.

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